Hi I am Chamindu Munasinghe a Software Architect/Developer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I have 15+ years of experience designing and developing software systems using various technology stacks. I am passionate about software architecture and code quality.

If I had to thank one person for who I am today that would be my father Ranjan Munasinghe. He is an Electronics Engineer and I grew up going to his visiting lecture sessions and helping his various consulting projects where I found my interest for all things tech and learned how to think like an engineer.

My Family

when not writing code I like to spend time with my family (I thought managing client expectations and dev teams was the most difficult thing until I had my son :-P) and my various hobbies (DIY, Reading, Electronics and Photography. I also own some music instruments that I wish I could play better.

When it comes to political/religious views; according to political compass I inhabit left libertarian quadrant in between Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders.